Thursday, December 26, 2013

This is typical Japanese curry and rice.

Recently in Japan, there are various kinds of curry and rice. "Traditional" Japanese-type, Indian-type, Thai, or SliLanka. They are all good and we enjoy them.

But my most favorite may be Japanese-type after all.

I made an You Tube video, which will show you a typical Japanese-type curry and a curry resataurant.

The restaurant is in Kumamoto city, Japan.
And its shop sign is English, so I wondered if the restaurant would show me a menu written in English.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The photos of Tsuke-men

Tsuke-men  is getting popular in Kumamoto. The number of tsuke-men lovers are increasing, so is the mumber of tsuke-men restaurant.

Literally, tsuke-men is "dipping noodles." The noodles and soup are served in separate bowls.

The noodles and soup are served hot or chilled.
The diner dips the noodles in the soup before eating.

The soup of tsukemen is generally made from stock based on feafood such as Katsuobushi, niboshi, and Konbu.

Toppings are, for example;sliced pork, nori, boiled egg, bean sprout, powder of niboshi and other ingredients.

Afrer eating all the noodles, the diner dilute the soup with thinner soup and eat it as normal soup.

This is Tsuke-men of  "Onnoji" 

Noodles and toppings:sesame and bean sprout.

Soup and toppings:soft-boiled egg,green onion,
sliced pork and nori
This is the powder of  niboshi(dried baby sardine).
Put it in the soup and enjoy the diffrent taste. 

As for Onnoji's tsukemen, noodles are
more like udon than ramen,

Dip(tsuke) the noodles(men) in the soup.

Many bites later・・・

Noodles are gone and soup is left.

Now proceed to step two!

Thermos bottle contains thinner soup.
Put it in the tsuke-men soup then make the soup lighter,
So diner enjoy the soup by itself.

Now all gone!

This is the Japanese web site of  Onnoji.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

I made an instant Kitakata-ramen

In Kumamoto(where I live), Tonkotsu-soup ramen is most popular and common.(Tonkotsu soup is pork-based soup)
Shoyu-ramen restarant is very rare in Kumamoto, and so is miso-ramen restaurant.

Therefore the gift a friend of mine gave me caused a fresh experience for me.

The gift contains six sets of instant Kitakata ramen noodle and soup(shoyu and miso).

(Kitakata is a city in Fukushima pref. and also means"northern place.")

The noodle is easy to make.
All I need is boiling hot water and bowl.

Put the thick soup in the bowl and dilute the soup with a some hot water.

After boiling the noodle for four minutes, drain hot water from the noodles and put it into the bowl which contains the diluted soup.

Then it is done !

This is how I made an instant ramen.